Our products



A complete range of electronics items including passive and active components, semiconductor discrete and power.
We satisfy our Customer’s requests, identifying the best solution for materials in production, in phase out, in EOL -End of Life- or obsolete, providing components tested, traced and certified only through Qualified sources.


We are a distributor of fasteners and components for major aerospace manufacturers. Whether in a military or civilian context, all our materials meets both European and American specifications. We ensure complete traceability of every lot of material provided by issuing all documentation that leads straight back to the original certificate released by the manufacturer.

Mechanical components and fasteners: Screws, Washers, Springs, Bolts, Rivets, Nuts, Locknuts, Inserts, Clamps, Latches, Pins, Collars, Hinges Bearings and Bushings as per standard Specification AN, NAS, NASM, MS, LN, EN, DIN, OEM’s drawings (BAC, ANS, ASNA, NSA, JN, PAN, NTA etc., or special part in cooperation with Customer Engineering Departments.

Raw materials

You can rely on Transpart Group for every kind of raw material, in any field of application. We can provide parts for aircrafts, turbines, combustors, thrust reversers, exhaust components or landing gear, aircraft seating and air catering items.

Our product line includes:
Aluminum 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx series; stainless steel 17-4PH, 15-5PH, 13-8Mo, 300 series including 304, 302, 321 and 347, 400 series including 440, 418 and 430, alloy steels 4130, 4340, 4140, nickel, cobalt and its alloys, titanium CP 1-4, 6Al-4V, 2-3.5, 15-3-3-3, titanium 6Al- 4V ELI, copper and brass as well as armor steel for defense industry. We welcome inquiries for nuclear and heat exchanger applications.

Based upon the complexity of your projects we can save you precious time on cutting and machining parts according to special tolerances and the relative specifications. Laser, water-jet (per supplied drawings), saw, plasma or high definition plasma cutting is available upon request.

We are capable of material thermal processing and are working with NADCAP approved suppliers certified to heat treat materials to special conditions (H1000, H1025, H925, H1150, AMS 5663, T0, T7351 etc.)

Additional products and equipments

The variety of materials that we have to offer is truly limitless. Whatever your field, whether it be commercial, business or civil aviation or military aviation and cargo aircrafts, Transpart Group can always provide a solution for all applications that are adaptable to your specific needs.

Equipment and Electromechanical Components: All kind of board sensors (fueling, A/C, Electrical etc.), Actuators, Instruments, Thermometers, Batteries, Fire Extinguisher, etc. Anti-lightning mesh, wire mesh welded and woven, welding wire, TIG rod, and stainless aircraft wire.